About Us

Immanuel Marketing ("Immanuel" for short) is a full-service marketing agency providing an array of marketing consulting, marketing management, and marketing creative services. We combine these in a variety of ways to provide a number of marketing solutions, including branding design and development, advertising and related services, and marketing collateral (i.e. sales materials) creation and implementation, for example.

As an agency, our expertise lies in bringing diverse marketing specialists together to plan, create, and manage the marketing programs, campaigns, and initiatives of our clients in ways that no one else can. We are continually on the lookout for the best in marketing consultants, managers, and creative professionals, drawing on talent from across the marketing professional spectrum, in order to assemble the appropriate teams for the marketing endeavours of our clients, according to their needs and financial capacities.

Business and philanthropy are high and life-giving callings, to do good, to provide for needs and wants in the market, and to provide purpose, growth, and longevity for workers; to do good to individuals, their families, and their communities. Business should therefore be rightly understood and executed as an act of love, being rooted and established in the principles of love. Immanuel is at the service of such as these, who endeavour to lovingly serve the marketplace in responsible, sustainable ways.